Patio Update | Before & After

Patio Update: Before and After

Investing in a patio update can create an outdoor area that is a pleasant, soothing area to relax after a stressful day at work or ubering kids to and from activities. 

Not everyone has the budget to install a pool with a waterfall or an exotic garden with a paved walkway. But with creativity, any patio space can be transformed.

Reusing Existing Patios

In today’s society, reusing and recycling is a big part of our culture…and so is buying a brand new appliance when the old one gets an unsightly scratch.

As much as we love complete make-overs of outdoor areas, nothing excites us more than applying our creative juices to a project with a small budget and a big vision.

Patio Update | Before & After
Patio Update | Before

The Patio: Before

This client came to us and asked us to help update the patio. Rubbing our hands together with glee, we started planning.

The existing concrete slab and two steps into the house were solid. But they were not pretty and the usable area was quite small.

While the patio covering was functional, it was dated and visually cluttered. The gutter attached to the side was ugly and funneled the water runoff directly into the yard.

We knew we could make this area stunning again and within budget.

Patio Update | Before & After
Patio Update | After

The Patio: After

Our first step was to increase the useable area of the patio. With the existing concrete slab and steps still in excellent condition (Why tear it up and start over?), all we needed to do was add to what was already there.

We expanded the area to the edge of the house with a fresh pour of concrete, then covered the existing stairs and slab at the same time. With a simple concrete stamping pattern, the entire area had a cohesive, lovely style.

Using locally sourced materials, we built a wood pergola attached to the roof in three different locations. This gave the structure strength and stability plus allowed for the installation of only a single post. This opened up the entire area, instantly reducing the visual clutter and increasing living space.

Redirecting water drainage collected by the pergola’s Hercules Roofing System to the home’s main gutter also reduced the visual clutter, while protecting the surrounding grass from being waterlogged during storms.

The last touch on this lovely patio update on a budget was to install electricity for powering the ceiling fan. We all need a powered breeze when outside in Texas!

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