The Big Green Egg vs Gas Grill

The Big Green Egg vs Gas Grills

If you are in the market for the perfect grill for your backyard patio or outdoor pergola, you are probably seeing hundreds of different types of grills to choose from. There are so many options (and opinions!) on the best grill. Here at Build Outdoors, we are tad bit biased as we spend a lot of time outdoors – preferably with tongs in hand!

We decided to share our insights on the our door cookers: the Big Green Egg vs gas grills. We hope it helps you to decide on the right grill for your outdoor cooking style.

Cooking Style

Let’s talk about styles of cooking first! The Big Green Egg is a ceramic charcoal grill that is designed to be very versatile and capable of cooking using different methods. It is well-suited for slow cooking, smoking, and roasting, as well as high-heat grilling. How about creating and indulging in the best smoky pizza you have ever eaten?

It is able to produce these many styles of cooking because of its ability to maintain consistent temperatures for extended periods of time, and the charcoal provides a smoky flavor that so many people enjoy.

Gas grills are typically powered by propane or natural gas and are known to be quick and easy to operate. They are generally better suited for high heat methods like searing, sautéing, and grilling. They are also easier to control, since you can adjust the heat with a flick of a knob. Shrimp, chicken, and veggie kabobs are perfectly cooked on gas grills!

How do you plan on cooking in your backyard? The Big Green Egg is ideal for those who enjoy slow cooking and smoking, while gas grills are great for quick-cooking searing and sautéing.

Controlling the Temperature

Being a ceramic charcoal grill, the Big Green Egg is designed to retain heat and maintain consistent temperatures for extended periods of time. The charcoal provides an intense heat source that can be adjusted by controlling the amount of airflow to the coals. The Big Green Egg is capable of maintaining low temperatures for smoking or high temperatures for searing. As with many things, it can take some time and practice to learn how to control the temperature of a Big Green Egg effectively.

Gas grills are quick to heat and easier to use. The temperature of a gas grill can be controlled just by adjusting the burners, similar to your kitchen stove. Gas grills also often come with built-in temperature gauges that make it easy to monitor the temperature. However, they do not retain heat as well as a Big Green Egg and can have hot spots or uneven heat distribution, which can make cooking certain dishes (think smoking brisket) more challenging.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The Big Green Egg requires a bit more maintenance than a gas grill. After each use, the ash needs to be cleaned out and the grill grates scrubbed clean. The ceramic exterior may need to be wiped down periodically to remove any residue or stains – we like to keep it spotless! It also needs to be stored properly to prevent moisture from getting inside and causing damage.

The Big Green Egg when compared to gas grills requires more attention and the ceramic material can crack or break if it is not handled properly, and replacement parts can be expensive.

Gas grills also require regular cleaning, but the process is quick and simple. After each use, the grates should be cleaned and the burners should be checked for any obstructions. The exterior of the grill should also be cleaned periodically to remove any dirt or grime – hello shiny!

Gas grills may require the occasional replacement of parts like burners or ignition systems, but these parts are generally less expensive when compared to the Big Green Egg’s ceramic replacement parts.

Which Type of Grill is the Best for You? The Big Green Egg vs Gas Grill.

The Big Green Egg is more expensive and requires a little more maintenance, but has a larger range of cooking methods. Gas grills are cheaper and easier to cook with and clean, but have limited cooking options.

Which one is best? Ultimately that decision is totally based upon you!

We hope that our thoughts on the Big Green Egg vs gas grills help you determine which outdoor cooker best fits your cooking style.

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