Picture of third floor balcony outdoor kitchen with quartz countertops, grill, sink, & mini fridge.

What are the Best Countertops for an Outdoor Kitchen?

When choosing materials for an outdoor kitchen, there is more than just looks that go into the decision. Your backyard grilling area will always be exposed to the elements – direct sunlight, extreme heat and cold, and moisture. So it’s important to take these into consideration. With that being said, what are the best countertops for an outdoor kitchen?

There are quite a few options to choose from. We have some favorites that we recommend and below we dig into more details on why these are our top choices for kitchen countertops in the North Dallas area.

Quartz & Quarzite

It’s not a typo! Both Quartzite and Quartz are prime materials for use on outdoor kitchen countertops – though to varying degrees.

Formed from sandstone that has undergone tremendous heat and pressure, Quartzite is a stone that is naturally resistant to heat and can handle intense sun without becoming uncomfortably hot. It is highly resistant to stains and moisture and only requires periodic sealing for protection.

Quartz countertops are engineered using a blend of crushed quartz crystals, resins, polymers, and pigments to form slabs. It takes everything that is amazing about Quartzite and makes it better. Engineered quartz is non-porous, highly resistant to staining, and easy to clean. It is generally less expensive and has a wider variety of colors.

Either Quartzite or Quartz can easily be integrated into a traditional, rustic, or more contemporary outdoor kitchen because of its versatility and range of complementary colors.

Stainless Steel

Out of all the options listed here, a stainless steel will have the lowest maintenance for an outdoor kitchen countertop.

It is resistant to stains and corrosion. Fingerprints and water spots are easily wiped away by stainless steel cleaner. Plus it don’t absorb heat so it will remain cool to the touch even when in direct Texas sunlight.

If you are looking for a sleek, contemporary look for your outdoor kitchen and don’t mind paying a little more upfront, stainless steel is the way to go.

Picture of third floor balcony outdoor kitchen with quartz countertops, grill, sink, & mini fridge.
Third floor balcony outdoor kitchen with quartz countertops, grill, sink, & mini fridge.
Picture of outdoor kitchen with stainless steel countertops, sink, & mini fridge.
Outdoor kitchen with stainless steel countertops, sink, & mini fridge.
Picture of outdoor kitchen complete with built-in gas grill.
Outdoor kitchen complete with built-in gas grill.

Lueders Stone

Also known as “Lueders Limestone”, Lueders Stone is most likely a type of countertop you have never heard of. It is top of our list when recommending durable, low-maintenance countertops for outdoor kitchens.

It can withstand heat generated by grills and smokers. Although it will absorb heat from the sun during the day, it slowly releases the heat through the night. It is also resistant to staining and moisture depending on the type of stone, the finish, and seal.

It is primarily quarried in Texas, so it’s readily available at a lower cost than other countertop materials. And its natural stone beauty fits well with anyone looking for a rustic-style outdoor kitchen.


There is a reason why we see tile widely used in Mexico, Spain, and other places that have hot dry summers! High heat and drastic changes in temperature can have an adverse effect on one-piece slab countertops.

Porcelain and ceramic tile are highly durable, resistant to high heat, UV rays, and temperature fluctuations. It is non-porous and easy to clean. And if a crack occurs, it is easy to replace one piece rather than an entire countertop.

It is prone to chipping and the grout will require periodic cleaning and resealing.

But tile is a more cost-effective outdoor kitchen countertop and there are so many ways you can create stunning visual display. Either with patterned tiles or a custom-designed mosaic crafted from small pieces. Your imagination is the only limit for a whimsical or brightly happy design.

Have You Chosen the the Right Outdoor Kitchen Countertop for You?

It’s great to take the time to understand how different materials handle heat, cold, and moisture. Especially taking into consideration how an outdoor kitchen countertop might feel during our blazingly hot Dallas summers. Sizzling steak is great. Sizzling fingers, not so much!

For more insights and strategic planning for your outdoor kitchen countertops, check out our blog on what to expect when building an outdoor kitchen. And, if you would like to bounce ideas around with a human being, call us! We love collaboratively planning with and building beautiful outdoor spaces for clients.

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